Senior single cruises

Cruises are often associated with romance, family fun or party time where the idea is to meet as many people as possible and have one great big party at sea.

Often, single people aren’t really targeted by the cruise lines.  Perhaps because, cabins are usually designed for two or more people and many single people do not feel comfortable sharing their cabin with strangers.

There are, of course, people who don’t mind sharing with other like-minded people, even if they are strangers to begin with; it is not uncommon for many of these people to develop good friendships and to start travelling together because they share the same interests.

One new concept being adopted by a number of cruise lines is senior single cruising.

Senior singles are normally considered by the cruise companies to be people over a particular age who are in possession of a seniors card, or some other proof of age card.  Senior single cruises offer the right kind of atmosphere to single seniors looking out for some relaxation and peace.  Most senior single cruises have special kind of facilities that are provided for looking after the needs of seniors on board .

A good example of the benefits of senior single is that offered by P&O.

They offer their senior single cruise passengers sole occupancy cabins at a reduction for what you would normally pay for a single occupancy cabin.

Of course, the number of single occupancy cabins is usually limited, so any decision to take a cruise as a senior single would normally require an early booking to guarantee the chosen cabin.

The positive aspect of senior single cruises is that they allow mature single people the chance to cruise without concerns about sharing with strangers, and they are priced so as to offer great value, so that senior single people can enjoy the pleasures of cruising with the added bonus of feeling comfortable and secure in their own cabin.

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