Singapore Cloud Forest


I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the Singapore Cloud Forest at the Gardens by the Bay attraction.

To be truthful, I really didn’t know too much about the Gardens by the Bay, but ended up there simply because I hadn’t visited before.

Normally I do a little research when deciding not to visit, but my reason for visiting Singapore wasn’t for tourism this time, so I thought I would kill a few hours.

What started out as a whim, turned out to be a great decision.

The Cloud Forest is encased in a giant, high tech, glass dome.

Cloud Forest recreates the environment found on tropical mountains at least two thousand metres in height, a feat which was all the more impressive given that Singapore is rather flat and just four degrees north of the Equator.

Inside this immense dome they have built a mountain that is 35 metres high.

The first thing that you notice when you walk through the doors of Singapore Cloud Forest is a voluminous waterfall which drops from the top of the mountain.

Apparently, it is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, a fact that I wouldn’t dare dispute because it is just so damn impressive.

The amount of water which topples off the top of the mountain is immense.  This isn’t just a trickle, it represents falls that have been replenished by recent tropical rains.

Having experienced a great tropical downpour earlier that day, I can assure you that tropical storms can be awesome.  In fact, I was safely sitting in my hotel room at the time and the rain fell so hard at one stage that I couldn’t see the buildings across the street.

Growing up the sides of the mountain is very thick foliage that is made up entirely of plants that you would expect to find about two thousand metres.

This vertical garden is ridiculously lush.  Primarily because these plants are fed plenty of moisture from the clouds which hug the slopes.

To get to the top of the attraction you take a lift.

At the summit you do get a true sense of being among the clouds which are recreated using hundreds of small nozzles to produce very fine mists.

The colours and the variety of species is magnificent.

Please note – this is not an attraction that people who are scared of heights will enjoy.

To wend your way down the mountain you keep to the suspended walkways which veer right off the mountain to give you better views.  When you peer over the railings you realise just how high up you are.

The walkways have a little bit of movement too, and the outside sections of the walkway are supported by steel mesh, which you can see through, so most people stick faithfully to the centre and try not to look straight down.

Being a bit of an idiot, I concentrated on taking photos, so was leaning over the railing to get unobstructed shots.

Visiting the Singapore Cloud Forest was a great experience, yet was just one of several attractions at Gardens by the Bay.

There is a cost involved to enter the Cloud Forest, but I have no regrets and the price definitely gave me good value.

The best way to reach Gardens by the Bay is to catch the train to Bayfront and just follow the signs.

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