Sinking Teeth Into Kandy Sri Lanka

The world is full of religious relics and temples or churches which are said to hold the body parts of various gods and saints.

The hilltop city of Kandy in Sri Lanka is one such place, for one of the main attractions in this quiet beautiful city is the Temple of the Tooth which is said to contain a left canine tooth from the Lord Buddha which was said to have been retrieved from his funeral pyre and kept safe by the Sri Lankan Royal family.

Whether or not the story is true or not is debatable, but there are at least four other temples scattered throughout the world that are said to hold examples of Buddha’s teeth, but he did have a few so they may all be genuine. Despite my glib comments the Tooth is revered by Buddhists and there are important ceremonies performed at the temple each full moon. There is also an elaborate festival celebrated each year in honour of the sacred tooth. The parade features elaborate costumes, musicians, dancers and decorated elephants.

Kandy is Sri Lanka’s second largest city and was its former capital when that country was ruled by a royal family, however they were deposed by the British in 1815. There are still many remnants of the monarchy on display in the city including the former Royal Palace which today houses the National Museum of Kandy.

The city is a popular holiday destination because it is attractive. It lies in the midst of tea country, and is surrounded by many plantations. To learn more about one of the world’s most popular drinks you can follow the tea trail through the plantations or simply visit the Ceylon Tea Museum where the whole process of tea production is explained.

Being a city at altitude, the climate in Kandy is milder than on the coast, which is tropical and hence can be both wet and sultry.

It is considered to be a garden city as plants do flourish here and the Botanical Gardens, which span an area of 40 hectares, is quite lush and well established and receives over one million visitors each year.

A good way to reach Kandy from the capital Colombo is by train as the route is very scenic, particularly as you rise through the hills. The journey normally takes two and a half hours, and now you can travel in private deluxe carriages that are managed by Expo Rail. For a more authentic experience, of course, you can also travel in the regular 1st, 2nd and 3rd class carriages. Whilst you can reserve a seat in 1st and 2nd classes, there is more of a scramble for seats in third class.

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