Snug Eden in New South Wales Australia

Australia is an island continent that has some really fantastic coastline and many pretty coastal towns.

Located in the far south of New South Wales is a true gem of a place called Eden, and it probably is fitting that it was named after paradise.

Eden is no booming metropolis, but then that is part of its charm. It sits snugly on the coast of Twofold Bay and is hemmed in by the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, a mountain barrier which extends along the whole of the east coast of Australia. It was because of the difficulties of crossing the Great Dividing Range during the early days of the colony of New South Wales that the port of Eden was established, as sea was the only reliable way to move supplies to Sydney.

One of the big attractions in Eden between September and December each year is whale watching in Twofold Bay, as whales do stop here on their journey back to the Antarctic to feed upon the abundant marine life there. So prolific were the number of whales which visited each season that Australia’s longest established whaling station operated out of Eden, until whaling was banned.

In the 1840’s entrepreneur Ben Boyd chose Twofold Bay for his coastal base through which he could ship livestock, wool and tallow from the Monaro hinterland. He built Boyd Town where he erected a jetty and lighthouse, and the lighthouse can still be visited to this day. He also established a whaling station in Twofold Bay. Today he is honoured in the area by having a national park named after him, and it is because of Ben Boyd’s endeavours that Eden was able to flourish.

Eden is surrounded by national parks and it also has some wonderful beaches on which to relax and indulge in a variety of activities.

Today a fishing fleet operates out of Eden’s port of Snug Cove, and it truly is a name that does adequately reflect its location. Snug Cove forms part of Twofold Bay and faces Mt Imlay, which rises to a height of 886 metres and is also a national park. There are bushwalking tracks around the mountain from which you get outstanding views of Twofold Bay and beyond.

If you are not inclined to struggling up steep mountainsides, there are still some great viewing areas near Eden, which also afford great views. Just above Snug Cove is Lookout Point and Rotary Park where it is possible to enjoy a picnic and Eden’s gorgeous views.

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