South Australia Dog Runs

Many people travel with dogs, particularly if they are travelling by car or towing a caravan on a long distance trip; but there are few facilities for the dogs, and many places just don’t want to know about them.

We also travelled with a dog, but in this case he is a Lions Hearing Dog and has guide dog status, meaning that he can go just about anywhere that a human can, providing he is fully identified and is working.

Motels, restaurants, shops, planes are no barrier to him, just as long as he is working, which he normally is, so we normally don’t have to make special arrangements when we travel or go sightseeing – unless we wish to visit a zoo or animal reserve, in which case he is banned, but only to protect him from picking up possible diseases from other animals, and to prevent them from picking up any diseases from him.

However, even with his ability to go where few other dogs are allowed to venture, one problem we do have when travelling with him is giving him enough exercise off his lead.
South Australia is the only place we’ve been where some of the traveller’s rest places also have an area for dogs to have a good run to relieve them of the boredom of travelling.
Apparently there are a few of these located along the Dukes Highway, which is one of the main routes linking Adelaide with Melbourne.

I understand that they begin near Tailem Bend, and we tried one out in the town of Tintinara, which is 92 kilometres southeast of Tailem Bend.

The dog run is located near a driver’s rest area that is adjacent to the Tintinara Heart of the Parks Tourist Information Centre. Facilities for humans included a toilet block, picnic table and parking area, and for the dogs there was a fully-fenced area that was about the size of a good size backyard. Entry to this area was via a double gate, which has been put in place to stop your dog from escaping from the run. The run also had the equivalent of a dog toilet, with plastic bags and a garbage bin provided, and a nice sign asking you to clean up after your dog, which is a fair enough proposition.

There were also a couple of small bushes inside the run so that dogs could do the canine equivalent of signing the guest book. Importantly, the area was large enough to give even big dogs an adequate area in which to have a good run to both exercise and let off steam after sitting in a car for so long.

If you are driving through South Australia with your dog on board, do yourself and your dog a favour and stop for a break for the two of you at one of those marvellous dog runs – one of the best ideas that I’ve seen.

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