Malaysia Airlines Catering

Prior to visiting the catering headquarters I had assumed that most airline meals would prepared in bulk by machines. I was way off the mark, as the preparation of meals at Brahim’s is a distinctly hands on affair and very labour intensive. There are little tricks used to make the brain think you are eating recently cooked food. . . . → Read More: Malaysia Airlines Catering

Malaysia Airlines Landmark Anniversary

The airline is also increasing the number of flights between Perth and Kuala Lumpur . . . → Read More: Malaysia Airlines Landmark Anniversary

Intriguing Short Flights

There are some other intriguing scheduled short flights all over the world . . . → Read More: Intriguing Short Flights

Good Flight with Malaysia Airlines

When you’re cooped up in the fuselage for 5 or 6 hours or more that extra leg room does make a significant difference . . . → Read More: Good Flight with Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia joins oneworld

Malaysia Airlines and its subsidiaries employ 20,000 staff, flying around 45,000 passengers daily . . . → Read More: Malaysia joins oneworld