The Datai Langkawi


Safely ensconced in a villa at The Datai on Langkawi, I knew I was very lucky.

This was the most elegant villa, and I knew that I was being spoiled as I had been invited to stay there.

The Datai is a stunning hideaway that is located at the end of a quiet road on the worth west coast of Langkawi Island in Malaysia.

It is situated within a 10 million old rainforest, and my villa truly was set amidst a lush rain forest, which gave the impression that I was really alone in this magnificent setting.

That was an illusion, of course, but the villas are built so that you do feel part of the rainforest.

Mind you, at The Datai, you are sequestered away in some luxury, but it is the type of resort where you don’t mind the lack of hustle and bustle.

It is relatively quiet, except for the birdsong and the cicadas.

And The Datai has the most gorgeous beach, which is shared with no one else.

Langkawi is in the most northerly part of Peninsula Malaysia, and just offshore from the pristine beach you can see the islands of southern Thailand.

The resort basks in the glory of myth-enshrouded ‘Gunung Machinchang’, a mountain that arose from the sea 550 million years ago; and bowing to its beautiful white-sand, azure-water private bay, lies the ultimate natural hideaway.

According to The Datai’s resident naturalist, Irshad Mobarak, who leads fascinating nature walks through the resort most mornings and evenings, this is where the ancient super-continent of Pangea split up into Laurasia and Gondwana.

The resort is very hilly, and converted golf buggies are on hand to ferry guests around the resort.

I used these for my first day, but then discovered the joys of walking through the rain forest, on well-maintained paths, and discovered that it wasn’t so difficult to find your way around as it first appears.

Whilst The Datia does have some beautiful formal gardens and ponds, mostly the foliage is genuine rain forest that is intersected by small streams.  Langkawi has a huge number of native species of butterflies, and one of the great joys is to find a lovely spot, usually near water, and just watch all types of multi-coloured butterflies circling about.

The Datai on Langkawi is a very special place.  Luxurious, indeed.  Relaxing, absolutely. Awe inspiring, definitely.  Magical.  That’s the best way to sum it up.

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