The Western Side of Miles City Montana

Imagine your idea of the American West and many people will automatically think of Texas. That is correct, but not entirely so, as the western tradition extends far further than Texas. One of those American states which could also be considered part of the Wild West is Montana, which itself does have a rich western history.

The area around Miles City, Montana is a place where even Texans herded their cattle to, in order to fatten them up on the rich grasslands before shipping them by train to Chicago for sale.

The city does have a rich western heritage as it was established after the Defeat of General George Custer’s 7th Cavalry Regiment at nearby Little Big Horn in 1876.

When the Northern Pacific Railroad reached the town in 1881, it was a certainty that Miles City would become a cattle town, and it is still that way today as it still has weekly livestock auctions and once a year, on the third weekend in May, hosts the Bucking Horse Sale.

The Bucking Horse Sale is no refined auction, but an event that is part rodeo, and full of great western entertainments such as street dancing, country-style naturally, and untamed horse racing.

In Miles City without dressing in the required wester paraphernalia, you can more than adequately dress yourself at the Miles City Saddlery and the Kickin’ Ass Hat Company.

For those with an insatiable interest in all things western a visit to the Range Riders Museum is a must.

The Range Riders Organization was founded in 1939 by a group of cowboy-stockmen who wanted the area’s history preserved. They started the museum so the following generations would know who they were, what they were, what they did, and what they used. The museum has grown in 55 years to include eleven buildings that house thousands of artefacts commonly found in the area. It portrays the authentic personality of men and women during the most difficult time in the life of a pioneer and is the largest western museum in the area.

One of the true gems in the town is the Montana Bar, which opened in 1908 and has changed very little since then. Apart from the steer heads on the walls and taxidermy, an original Italian tile floor, big dark booths and cherry-wood tables, one of the best attractions at the Bar is the men’s room, which women are invited to view, so they can witness the elaborate marble stall, marble urinal, and tile floor. All of which is very salubrious for a bar which truly celebrates that unique western spirit.

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