Top Five Small Cities in the United States

Everyone knows the America’s greatest cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles etc, but what are the best small cities in the US? Those which have a population of less than 100,000 and would normally escape the `best of’ radar. Here, in no particular order, but adjudged to be so by Money Magazine are America’s top five micro-cities.

Carmel, Indiana – Population 80,100
Money Magazine voted Carmel as `Best Place To Live’ based on a combination of strong job opportunities, the variety of leisure and cultural activities available, great schools, low crime and quality health care. Just 20 minutes from Indianapolis its main claim to fame is that Carmel had one of the world’s first traffic lights installed in 1924, but now it is the Roundabout capital of America as they have removed most of their traffic lights and replaced them with roundabouts to ease traffic congestion.

Eden Prairie, Minnesota – Population 61,200
Located 12 miles south of Minneapolis on the banks of the Minnesota River it is a spacious city with 170 miles of multi-use trails criss-crossing the city. Eden Prairie boasts nearly 10,000 acres of land designated for parks and open spaces, miles of scenic views and a multitude of breathtaking lakes and beaches.

Newton, Massachusetts – Population 84,700
Known as the Garden City and located just outside Boston the city is comprised of 14 distinct villages. Newton was the headquarters of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company which manufactured the famous Stanley Steamer.

Redmond, Washington – Population 55,200
The home of Microsoft, located 15 miles west of Seattle. The city prides itself for its high quality of life with good schools, a healthy economic base, a parks system that provides a variety of active and passive recreational opportunities, diverse offerings for shopping and dining, safe neighbourhoods, and an emphasis on quality development and protection of the natural environment. As well as Microsoft, Redmond also boasts technology giants Nintendo and AT&T in its constituency.

Reston, Virginia – Population 60,300
Located close to Washington D.C., Reston is a planned community that was established in 1964. It was the first city to use clustered townhouse development, a strategy that allows for the preservation of open space along with higher density. The city includes a number of neighbourhoods, each with its own distinctive character. The neighbourhoods are all linked with walking and bicycle paths. Reston is also one of just a handful of communities in the U.S. that has been designated as a backyard wildlife habitat community which encourages homeowners to manage their backyards as wildlife gardens to encourage healthy animal habitats.

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