Tourism Officials Could Sue Local Weather Service

My eye was drawn to a small news item which suggested that Belgium tourist officials may sue the local weather service because it has predicted lousy weather over the summer.

It appears that, according to the local weather service, Belgium is not going to get too many glorious days over summer. Local tourist officials, who rely on good weather to attract the crowds appear to be worried that the weather service is warning people about the impending bad weather, perhaps putting people off from attending the Belgian beaches.

Belgium is a puny place. The country only has 65 km (40 miles) of coastline, but that small strip generates tourist revenues of about 2.8 billion euros per year, a third of which is spent in July and August alone.

The local weather service has predicted only five days above 25 Celsius in July and bad weather in the first half of August, which has the tourism providers a tad worried and has prompted them to consider suing the weather service.

Now, I love my summers as much as anyone, but I don’t hold my local weather service responsible for any bad weather which may occur then. I may not like the fact that the weather’s lousy, but I don’t hold a grudge against the weatherman for telling me so.

I have a solution for those poor Belgian business people – move somewhere that’s better, and take your customers with you.

I live in Western Australia, and here we have 12,000kms of coastline, most of which is in pristine condition, so they can always find a great place to set up business, providing they can convince their customers to follow them. They don’t even have to be squashed up together and, I can assure then, our coastline is far prettier and cleaner than any coastline you’ll in miserable old Europe.

Additionally, 25° Celsius is just slightly better than the average temperature that we get in winter. During our summer, if the temperature isn’t well above 30° with perfectly clear and the bluest of skies with not a skerrick of rain on the horizon, we actually consider it to be quite dismal. You see, our West Australian summers are magnificent.

Belgians! Bring your tourist businesses and your customers here, we’ll show them a good time. Plus! Our weather service won’t predict bad weather in summer. We only get perfect weather!

For weeks on end during summer our weather report borders on the monotonous. Sunny. Sunny. Sunny. Sunny, etc. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Many Europeans will say that we are so far away. Yes, we are! That’s the attraction. Because we are remote we are unspoilt. Our coastline is clean. Our air is breathable. Our people are friendly. Our weather is wonderful. Our landscapes are outstanding.

Our beer is not as good as you get in Belgium, so kindly bring that with you when you come.

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