TripAdvisor Top Ten Destinations in the World

The online travel site TripAdvisor has released its 2011 Traveller’s Choice Destination Awards, which are based on the experiences of millions of traveller’s from around the world.

Here then, in decreasing order, are TripAdvisor’s  top ten tourist destinations in the world:

10           Hong Kong, China

9              Barcelona, Spain

8              London, England

7              Rome, Italy

6              New York, USA

5              Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

4              Paris, France

3              Machu Picchu, Peru

2              Sydney, Australia

1              Cape Town, South Africa

Interestingly, six of the top ten are coastal cities, Cape Town, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Barcelona and Hong Kong which have either stunning harbours or great waterfronts and three of the cities Paris, Rome and London have great rivers flowing through them.  Machu Picchu is located above the Urabamba River, but its remote mountain location sets it apart from the other cities, except that Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro and Honk Kong are known for the astonishing peaks which really form a great backdrop to the cities, and Sydney has some very impressive headlands at the entrance of its magnificent harbour.

Sydney, Machu Picchu, Paris, New York, Rome, London, Barcelona and Hong Kong are also highly regarded for their iconic buildings, and all of the top ten, apart from Machu Picchu, are great cosmopolitan, international cities for which each has both a unique ambience and individuality, yet provide a vast range of activities, sightseeing, cultural experiences and great dining to suit any budget.

You could visit any of the places on the top ten and be assured of a having a good and active time.

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