Visiting ghosts in Prague

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, has been a political, cultural and economic centre of Europe and particularly central Europe for the over 1,100 years.  During that time there have been many myths and legends associated with the city, and today you can discover some of those more eerie tales at the Prague Museum of Ghosts and Legends.

The Museum, also named Mysteriae Pragensis, presents a unique exhibition of the best known and most interesting ghosts and legends of old Prague. You can visit it right in the centre of Prague on Mostecká Street.

The museum’s exhibition is divided into two sections. The first has a huge tome – a giant book of myths and legends that will take you to the Genius Loci Pragensis, the Spirit of Prague. Pages from the book, with original illustrations, hang on the walls of the entire room. On the ground floor of the museum, where the book is located, visitors are acquainted with the background of the origin and appearance of ghosts.

The cellar will lead viewers directly into the town of ghosts, with many streets and nooks of old Prague. The most intriguing part of the museum is the underground street of spirits, where you will run into the most famous Prague spirits and ghosts, such as the Headless Templar, the Turk of Ungelt, the Hairy Ghost, the Goblins of Prague Castle, Headless Laura, Iron Man, the Skeleton of Jánský vršek, Water Sprites, and the Baby of Charles Bridge. Generally known figures are also there, such as Faust and the Devil, the Devil of Vyšehrad, and the Golem. Additionally, you can be frightened by local ghosts and spirits at the special “scary evening” shows.

In addition to permanent exhibitions, visitors can set out with real ghosts and spooks into Prague streets, where they will learn about other legends and maybe even meet some living spooks.

To get there walk the street at the end of Charles Bridge leading to the Lesser Town or take tram 22 to the Malostranské náměstí and walk in the direction to the Charles Bridge.

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