Walking the Nile and Congo Rivers

There are many parts of Africa that are being developed for tourism. The country of Rwanda has a very tragic recent past, but now that there is some stability in the country, it too, is taking steps to encourage people to visit.

In a show of innovative spirit, the Rwanda Development Board – Tourism and Conservation has, in recent months, developed a new trail which will take visitors to the continental watershed, from where Africa’s two most important rivers, the Nile and the Congo, are being fed.

Primarily a ten-day trail when walked at normal pace, it will allow tourists to walk the forests, mountains, and hills of Rwanda and cover a distance of 227 kilometres between Rubavu to Rusizi, passing through the districts of Karongi and Nyamasheke. Those who dare to take the trail will be rewarded with extraordinary insight into this extraordinary place and will come face to face with a little touched wilderness that is filled with birds, game, insects, and a flora second to none.

As many as eight base camps have been set up by Rwanda Government along which two main sections of spectacular hiking can be done. There are also some diversions in the form of smaller trails will lead off the main route to allow walkers to visit other attractions.

Rwanda is now well connected by air, with airlines such as RwandAir, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Kenya Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines, among others, getting to “The Land of a Thousand Hills”, as Rwanda is known.

It is hoped that tourists will now be more likely to be attracted to Rwanda. The country presently has three national parks; which include the world-renowned Parc de Volanoes, which is internationally known as the “Home of the Mountain Gorillas;” the Nyungwe Forest National Park; and the country’s sole “savannah” park, Akagera.

It is hoped that the new trail will help to expand the country’s nature experiences to new areas, and allow more diversification of experiences. In line with government policy to increase inbound tourism there has been a lot of activity in recent, culminating in birding trails and lake cruises being introduced to entice more repeat visitors to the country.

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