Weird poll finds Stonehenge world’s most stunning location

I’ve just read of a poll which finds Stonehenge in England to be the world’s most stunning location.

I have been to Stonehenge, and whilst it is no doubt interesting, I would hardly think it deserves to be called the world’s most stunning location.

The poll was conducted on Intel’s Facebook page, and out of over 6 billion people who currently live on Earth, only 1,715 votes were cast globally. That’s hardly a significant proportion of the world’s population who voted in the poll, and even statisticians would consider such a response to be mediocre.

Apparently the poll formed part of Intel’s campaign to find out what matters most to UK residents in their Visual Life. If that is so, then the Brits like their Visual Life to be unexciting. Of course, they don’t because not many Brits actually took part in the poll. According to the poll the top ten most visually stunning places in the world are:
1) Stonehenge, England
2) Rome, Italy
3) Chatsworth House, England
4) Cape Town, South Africa
5) Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
6) Sahara, North Africa
7) Aurora Borealis, Sweden
8) New York City, USA
9) Gower Peninsula, Wales
10) Machu Picchu, Peru

Interesting results, really. I mean, how can you even attempt to compare the whole of Rome, Cape Town and New York with Stonehenge, the Pyramids and Machu Picchu? How can you possibly even imagine that three great ancient monuments are in any way similar to a couple of disparate cities?

Surely any reasonable poll would compare cities with cites and ancient monuments with ancient monuments? As for Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, it may indeed be an attractive building, but is it really a more attractive building than the Taj Mahal, the Palace of Versaille, the Sydney Opera House or Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria? I couldn’t possibly imagine that by any fair assessment it would come close to any of those.

The Aurora Borealis is indeed a stunning sight, but is it more stunning when seen in Sweden compared to Finland, Iceland, Alaska or Canada? Or is it more beautiful than the Aurora Australis, its Southern Hemisphere counterpart where, arguably, the skies are a lot clearer?

The Gower Peninsular does indeed have spectacular scenery, but it’s not unique like the Grand Canyon, the Rift Valley or the Bolivian Altiplano and as far as exquisite coastal scenery goes several of the Hawaiian Islands, dozens of places in New Zealand, the Norwegian Fjords, southern Tasmania, Patagonia and lots of other places around the world would more than match it.

The Visual Wonders poll is interesting, but only because the results are truly bizarre.

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