Which Suitcase Is Mine?

568Su69it65c8a79s25eI was waiting at the luggage carousel after my flight and was slightly bemused by the number of people who were picking up their suitcase, only to find that it was not actually theirs, so that had to put the luggage back on the carousel and wait for their actual suitcase.

When I observed the luggage more closely, I mean, who but an idiot like me studies luggage closely?  I noticed that most suitcases are indeed similar.

Let’s face it, when you have a couple of hundred people hanging around a carousel after a long flight, the only thing they want to do is to grab their bag, or bags for those people who, inexplicably, can’t travel light, and head to the exit.

“Everyone was looking for that tiny sign which indicated that a particular piece of luggage belonged to them.”

I observed that most luggage is either black, grey or blue, or a combination of those colours.  Of course, orange and red luggage is also becoming more common, as are patterned cases.  As the coloured and patterned suitcases tend to be fashion items, you can often tell roughly when they were purchased.  The one good thing about the black, grey and blue cases is that they are timeless.

Some people, including me, or rather, me at the instigation of my wife, tie little coloured ribbons to their luggage to make it more distinguishable.  My suitcase is ordinary.  It is grey.  Thank God those days when all luggage was beige or brown have long passed.  My luggage, with its little coloured ribbon, does not adequately represent my personality, and so I have come to realise that instead of having a grey suitcase with a little coloured ribbon which tells you nothing about me, my suitcase, as indeed everyone’s, should be bold to represent me, so that no one else could mistake my suitcase for their own, and it should be blatant enough that no one else would even want to be seen lifting my luggage!

“I like bright primary colours, and so I should trade it my bland grey suitcase for one that is painted in the brightest canary yellow.”

If the trend of purchasing boldly-coloured luggage catches on, then I can go further and decorate it with a huge decal of a sausage or a beche-de-mer or something equally stupid just so that nobody else could, or would, want to confuse my case for their own.

One other benefit – when I am standing around the carousel with hundreds of other people, I will be able to identify my case straight away, which will save me a whole lot of luggage gazing and wondering “which suitcase is mine?”

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