Wi-Fi on Coaches the Globus Way

The way in which we share our travel experience is changing. Long gone are the days when we’d journey overseas, purchase our postcards, sit down at a cafe and write them all out, then send them to family and friends back home, only to find that we arrive home before our postcards, so that by the time our family and friends receive our correspondence we’ve bored them with stories and slides already.

Now we live in a connected world, so we can let our loved ones know what we are doing as it happens. I recently travelled overseas with a group of travel journalists and one of our party spent practically the whole updating her Facebook page via her iPhone as she posted comments and her Facebook friends replied. Instead of waiting for her to return home before boring them with her stories, her friends could be bored instantly, such is the power of social media.

Many hotels are still loathe to allow free wi-fi to guests. This is quite silly, as all they really need to do is raise their rates by a small amount to cover the cost, and their guests would be quite happy. However, other travel providers are realising that wi-fi is here to stay, and if you wish to keep your competitive edge, then you need to please your customers.

One company to embrace the way in which people are communicating these days is the premium tour operator Globus which is offering free wi-fi aboard its coaches, and introducing mobile internet technology across its North American fleet. This service will no doubt encourage prospective clients to choose Globus over competitors who don’t offer a similar service.

The reason is simple. Many people use devices such as iPads, tablets and smart phones to both communicate with others and to keep a record of their travels, and to increase their knowledge of the places they are visiting.

For instance, supposing you are on a tour which visits the Grand Canyon. You go the web page or download the app which tells you all about the canyon. You do this in your coach on the way there, and you learn about the sights you are going to see so that you can greatly enhance your experience whilst you are there. You can use your portable device to take photos, or videos of your experience, and you can notify the folks at home about what you are doing, your impressions of the attractions and dazzle them with the knowledge you learnt on the coach.

Free on-coach wi-fi will win Globus friends and is a smart move simply because it improves their customers’ experience who will market that benefit to friends and family immediately they send a message or link from the coach.

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