World’s best nightspot hits Singapore

Singapore is gearing up to be the home of, what is claimed to be, the world’s most luxurious nightspot.

Its name is Pangaea, and it is the world famous ultra-lounge founded by American nightclub impresario Michael Ault. Pangaea will soon occupy the Marina Bay Sands’ one-of-a-kind Crystal Pavilion, and publicly welcome guests on 22nd of September this year, in the week leading up to the fast and furious F1 weekend in Singapore.

The long-anticipated event will be worth the wait when come September, Singapore will obtain bragging rights to having the world’s most famous – not to mention the most exclusive and luxurious – nightspot, the Studio 54 of this age, on its sunny shores.

Guests can expect to have a truly unique experience at Pangaea, incomparable to any other nightspot or disco on the island. For one, Pangaea is an “Ultra-Lounge”, not a discotheque. Renowned for pioneering this concept in the 90’s, Pangaea has become a staple for those that are familiar with its intimate and sophisticated club set, showcasing uniquely designed furniture and custom-made dance tiers within each banquette, make this a club where every inch of the space is literally meant be danced on.

The interior of the lounge will be a super luxe affair, with specially designed fittings and furnishings made of visually eye-popping materials and fabrics including genuine zebra, crocodile and ostrich skins, the most exotic woods, and a Pangaea hallmark, Michael’s personal collection of museum-quality African tribal masks.

Taking it to the next level is nothing new, so it’s no surprise that Pangaea will soon reveal that it is collaborating with an internationally renowned designer who is crafting special gowns for the Pangaea Girls – an exceptional group of immaculate hostesses.

The glamour and unique appeal of the Pangaea group of ultra-lounges has led it to become the playground of the rich and famous, with the likes of Madonna, Sting, Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, Val Kilmer, Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, and John Travolta, often gracing the premises.

Pangaea is a one-of-a-kind Ultra-Lounge. Created and conceptualized by Michael Ault, Pangaea has gone through several metamorphoses and has been seen in cosmopolitan cities such as New York City, London, Miami, Marbella, Spain, and Austin. Its latest reincarnation in the Crystal Pavilion of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands is set to take the partying world by storm and once again revolutionize the global club scene. Like its ancient Greek namesake, Pangaea is a supercontinent of sorts, a place where entertainment is the currency and those who appreciate it finely are its citizens.

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