Zambezi Queen Africa Cruises

zmbzqnThe Chobe River in Africa has many moods, depending on where it flows. This one mighty river flows through six national parks and some tremendous scenery.

The Chobe River divides Namibia’s Caprivi Strip from Botswana’s Chobe National Park, and its exotic banks boast one of the densest populations of wildlife on the African continent.

Locals do use the waterway as a means of producing food and, of course for transport, but the most luxurious vessel to play the waterways of the Chobe River is the Zambezi Queen.

This vessel has been designed specifically for safari river cruising, in order to allow some brilliant wildlife sightings from the boat itself as it wends its way past the forested banks of the Chobe.

This stylish riverboat has three passenger decks and just screams luxury. With 14 staterooms on the first and second decks, each with its own balcony and shutters to give that authentic African feel, the rooms are air-conditioned, elegantly furnished and some even have their own outdoor areas.

The third, or top, level is open plan and contains a dining room and lounge where passengers can relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of river cruising. Of course, there is a bar there too, so you can just sit and sip as Africa glides by.

The Zambezi Queen is an ultra-modern houseboat that was actually completed in 2009 and built on the banks of the river in Namibia. She has a length of 45.7 metres (150 feet) and a beam of 7.8 metres (25 feet). The vessel has a shallow draft of just 700 millimetres, or just over two feet.

Of course, being a river cruise there are daily onshore activities to visit villages and wildlife parks, plus trips in smaller boats to get a closer view of the wildlife, particularly at dusk when the animals make their way down to the banks of the river to drink.

Choba National Park has the greatest population of elephants in all of Africa, with hippos and crocodiles also very common.

As the ship does ply between Namibia and Botswana you do need to pass immigration, which can be a slight hassle, but the Zambezi Queen does offer an authentic African experience in a part of the continent that is still relatively unspoilt.

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