Zebedee Springs El Questro

You possibly wouldn’t think that lounging in a permanent thermal spring in a hot tropical area could be very relaxing, but when you are enjoying the clean, clear soothing thermal waters of Zebedee Springs in the El Questro Wilderness Park near Kununurra, Western Australia, you get to a stage where you just don’t want to leave, and feel that you could stay there forever.

Sadly, forever isn’t a possibility at Zebedee Springs as it is only open to the general public from 7am until noon each day, when it is closed for the exclusive use of those who stay at the very upmarket El Questro Homestead.

However, the fact that it is open at all to the general public is a real bonus, and one you should take advantage of when visiting the area.

There is a bit of a trek into the springs, but its degree of difficulty depends on how much trekking you’ve done in the Kimberley.

For many people, El Questro is the beginning of their Kimberley experience, and I would imagine that the track up the gorge to the springs could be a little daunting for those who hadn’t been up any of the other gorges previously.

I’d walked and climbed up much more difficult gorge tracks, so, for me, it was quite an easy trek. It is certainly a very beautiful walk, as the area is covered in tall palm trees which sit neatly in the narrow crevice of the gorge with the red walls of the cliffs glimmering in the sunlight and the palm trees provided good dappled shade to protect walkers from the full force of the sun.

Once you reach the springs, the warm water gently cascades down a natural rocky culvert, forming a series of pools of varying sizes as the stream descends.

There are no facilities here, so you simply choose a small pool and walk in.

The group that I was with chose to soak in the highest of the pools, simply because we had been fairly reliably informed that they are leech-free, whilst the more popular lower pools have been known to house the little blighters.

The water is certainly warm, but not too hot. It was similar to enjoying a warm bath, and was certainly very relaxing and quite soothing.

As the springs are decorated with palm trees, which tend to hide most of the bathers in other pools from view, you do get a feeling of exclusivity as you lay there, and the magnificent view of the flowing stream against the palm trees and the gorge walls only goes to highlight what a special place Zebedee Springs really is.

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