Zurich on the Cheap

zrchSwitzerland has a reputation for being one of the more expensive places to visit in Europe, but even so, there are ways in which you can save money and still do plenty of sightseeing.

For those staying in Zurich for between 24 and 72 hours the most economical way to spend your time is to purchase a Zurichcard.

The idea is so very simple as your card allows you to undertake unlimited second-class travel by tram, bus, rail, boat and cable car throughout the city of Zürich and its surrounding area. You also enjoy free entrance to most of Zürich’s museums, plus a 10% discount at selected Zurich shops, and a culinary surprise with each main course at selected Zürich restaurants.

There are plenty of museums in Zurich, but one of the most interesting, at which you gain free admittance with your Zurichcard, is the Zurich Toy Museum which is housed in one of the oldest corners of the old town, and features a beautiful collection of European toys from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century reflects the life of these periods in miniature. Railways and steam engines bear witness to the technical revolution, dolls and their dresses illustrate fashion trends, and doll houses mirror the interiors of times now long past. Tin figures, old games, wooden toys, children’s books, toy kitchens, all can be found here.

As far as attractions are concerned you get discounts at many of Zurich’s most popular places, including spa treatments, admission to theme parks and the Zurich Wilderness Park and Zurich Zoo.

Your card also entitles you to discounts at the famous Zurich Opera House a magnificent neo-baroque theatre building that is located in front of the Sechseläuten green space on the shore of Lake Zürich. The Zurich Opera House is considered one of the best venues in the world for opera and presents more than 270 performances per season.

There are 21 restaurants which recognise the card and which offer discounts and surprises to card holders. One of these is the Uto Kulm restaurant which is superbly situated on top of the Uetliberg with beautiful views of the city and over to the Alps. Access to the restaurant is only by the Uetliberg railway, with the restaurant being just a few short steps away from the station at the top.

Lots of shops also offer discounts to cardholders. Zurichcards can be ordered online or are available for purchase on arrival in the city at the airport, main rail station and other venues.

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