Fort Wayne fine for females and others

Fort Wayne is the second largest city on the Hoosier State of Indiana.  With a population of less than 300,000 it is big enough to offer enough attractions to be interesting, but not too big to overwhelm you.

The name Fort Wayne is rather masculine, probably because it was set up as a fort during the Indian Wars, and because it was a recruitment and training centre for soldiers during the Civil War.  These days there’s more of a focus on luxury, and the good folk of Fort Wayne are attempting to attract the gentler gender to town for, what they call, Girlfriend Getaways.

These getaways entail being pampered in spas and spoilt rotten with chocolate, not a bad enticement for the ladies.

To quote their blurb:

“No trip for women would be a true getaway without a healthy dose of retail therapy. Fort Wayne offers a wide variety of shopping experiences to delight young and young-at-heart, trendy and classic, bargain-hunters and discriminating style-mavens. “    

So Fort Wayne can clearly boast that it attracts style-mavens.  My knowledge of style is zero so I have no idea what a style-maven is, but it does sound like they are very good for the local economy, in which case, I hope the marketing campaign really works.

One of the attractions for the Girlfriend Getaways is a promised visit to the home DeBrand Chocolates which are world renowned.  Perhaps they are world renowned, but, sadly, not where I live.  However, girlfriends do get to tour the establishment and, more importantly, partake of some of the product so that all that good work that was achieved in the spa can be undone by the chocolates.

However, if you are not eligible for a Girlfriend Getaway, because you may be a male, Fort Wayne does have more than its fair share of festivals throughout the year, making Fort Wayne one of the most vibrant small cities in America, and a good place to visit with or without your girlfriend.

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