A Century of Stampedes in Calgary Canada

Attracting over one million visitors per year, the annual Stampede in Calgary, in the Province of Alberta, Calgary is part sporting event, part entertainment spectacular, and a whole heap of fun.

Billing itself as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, it started out as an agricultural fair in 1886, but the rodeo component, for which the Calgary Stampede is most famous, wasn’t introduced until 1912.

Back then, it wasn’t even an annual event. The Stampeded component was introduced in 1919 as a victory stampede to honour those who fought in World War I.

Nowadays, the event has become so ingrained that Calgary is officially called Stampede City, although, unofficially, the event gave it Calgary its other nickname of Cowtown.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede and that means ramping up the celebrations with more world-class rodeo, faster horses, cooler cowboy crooners and bigger roller coasters.

This event allows the city of Calgary to return to its cowboy roots for 10 days every July. To better celebrate its centenary this year the party; and there is a tremendous focus on the enjoyment aspect of the event, will certainly be in the national and international spotlight. The Stampede Centennial Committee has revealed some of the special highlights of the centennial event.

There’s the promise of a stunning new equine show, featuring incredible sets, the finest western horsemanship, First Nations performers and 30 talented horses. There’s also a special Stampede Saddledome concert series this year, featuring many country stars.

For thrill seekers the good news is that a new roller coaster for the midway, dubbed Outlaw, in honour of the famed Stampede rodeo bull will be constructed. It will be the first midway ride to ever carry the Stampede brand, it promises to send riders blasting out of the chutes on a twisting, stomach-churning adventure as wild as any cowboy’s eight-second rodeo ride.

Those with a head for heights and a bit of upper body strength for whom the exhilaration of high flying speed is more to their style, will be able to climb to the top of the 24-metre (80-foot) tower and experience the longest temporary zipline in Canada, which will soar for 260 metres (850 feet) over Stampede Park at speeds of up to 60 km/h (37 mph).

The Calgary Stampede is 10 days when Calgary really gets its western vibe on so plan to explore the city, buy a cool pair of custom cowboy boots and eat some Alberta beef. It truly is a wild western experience.

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