A minor way to tour London

Want to see London, but aren’t interested in joining a crowded coach tour?  Want to get a feel for how London used to be in the swinging sixties?  Want to tour London in a car that is possibly the most popular car to be produced in Britain?  Well, the folks at smallcarBIGCITY have got just the tour for you!

Yes, they can organise a retro tour of London in a classic Mini Cooper, the small car with a surprising amount of leg room (unless you’re sitting in the back seat, of course.

They have a number of itineraries to suit any taste.  For instance, their classic Royal London Tour takes you to all the sites you need to see in London: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, 10 Downing Street, etc.

The A-List Tour is longer than the Royal London Tour, but takes in the attractions on that tour, plus Hyde Park, Berkley Square, Burlington Arcade, Jimi Hendrix’s house (nice to see they’ve got their priorities right there!).

They have a bit of fun with the Italian Job Tour, where everyone dons bright blue boiler suits and tweed flat-caps. With the gold stashed away in the boot, it is up to you to navigate your get-away driver through the narrow, twisty streets of London discovering all the best London attractions before the law get involved! You will take in the best London sightseeing areas, giving you the ultimate taste of London.

There’s other tours as well, some of which take you through London’s narrowest streets which are easy to navigate in a Mini, but not so easy in a huge coach.

For that quintessential London experience, this may just be the tour for you.

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