A Skydiver’s B&B in Pennsylvania

277_A_C_Tandem_002Take an itinerant Australian skydive instructor and restaurateur who goes wandering around the USA looking for skydiving adventures, meets a beautiful woman and they settle down together, and you have the beginning of Oz’s Homestay B&B in Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania.

Shinglehouse is nestled in a valley where the Oswayo River and the Honeoye Creek meet.

As far as I can make out, and my research has been limited to a conversation with Ashley Easdon-Smith, the proprietor, it is the only B&B in the world which welcomes you if you, quite literally, drop out of the sky.

Ash and his wife Celeine’s place has its own small airport and skydivers use the B&B as a place to stay when they want unlimited freefall time.

As well as skydivers, their place attracts pilots who fly their planes in, rather than arrive by car.

Both Ash and Celeine are excellent cooks, so when guests are not plummeting earthwards they have the opportunity to tuck into great food.

The story behind Oz’s Homestay B&B is really fascinating, and I had the pleasure of interviewing Ash for www.radioroaming.com

If you want to listen to a really interesting guy chat about the story behind Oz’s B&B, it is a fascinating tale, just sit back and enjoy this podcast.


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