Who is Grumpy?

Grumpy on a good day

Grumpy is Steve `Grumpy’ Collins. He is Australian broadcaster, author, writer, producer, actor, humorist and travel expert who is based in Perth, Western Australia.   Grumpy works in the broadcast media, primarily on radio, but also has many years of experience working in the travel industry, particularly having senior roles in retail travel, wholesale travel and travel marketing.

Grumpy presents travel shows on radio (his photo explains why he concentrates on radio) and written travel articles for various magazines. He has also been a tour guide and has given talks on various aspects of travel to many groups. Grumpy has published and been Editor-In-Chief for a couple travel magazines.

Why is he called Grumpy?

“Grumpy” is a radio persona and character that has featured on Perth radio station 6PR for many years.  The name was bestowed on Steve because his demeanour is actually the direct opposite of the angry malcontent you would expect of someone called Grumpy. Steve is usually a very effusive, good natured, quick witted and approachable character (I say usually because we all have bad days), who is keen to experience as much of the world as he possible can, and discuss travel with whomever is interested.

Grumpy is quite passionate about providing the right travel advice, digging up interesting travel information, and continuing to expand his knowledge of travel related matters. Grumpy loves the experience of travel and is flexible enough to feel just as cosy camping in a tent as he is luxuriating in a five star hotel.  He has a particular interest in trains and loves rail travel, and he also has a keen interest in aircraft and air travel.

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