Amazing similarities between Perth and Calgary

Canada and Australia both have a lot in common as both are former British colonies.  Apart from their accents, weather and the sports that they follow Canadians and Australians are remarkably similar in outlook, attitude and sense of humour.  Two of the major cities in each country, Calgary in Canada and Perth in Australia are also uncannily similar to each other.

Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta and is located on the grasslands east of the Rockies.  Perth is the largest city of Western Australia and is situated on the Indian Ocean.  Calgary is landlocked whereas Perth has access to thousands of square kilometres of ocean. Calgary was first settled in 1873, and Perth was first settled in 1829.  Both cities boast a population of over one million but less than two million.  Both cities have diverse populations comprised of people of many nationalities.  Calgary’s time zone is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time, whilst Perth’s time zone if 8 hours ahead of GMT, meaning that they are almost directly on the other side of the world from each other.

Both cities have metropolitan areas that are slightly larger than 50,000 square kilometres and whilst Perth is known for being a very hot city, Calgary has a reputation for being cold.  The highest recorded temperature for Perth is +46.2 Centigrade, whilst the lowest recorded temperature for Calgary is -45 Centigrade.

Calgary was named after the town of Calgary, on the Isle of Mull in Scotland.  Perth was named after the city of Perth – in Scotland.     

Both Calgary and Perth have neighbourhoods or suburbs called Kensington, Inglewood and Mt Pleasant.

Calgary is known for being a centre of country music in Canada, whereas Perth has a reputation for turning out excellent rock bands.

Calgary’s Nose Hill Park is the largest municipal park in Canada.  Perth’s Kings Park is the largest inner city park in the world.

Calgary’s economy is dominated by the oil and gas industries, whilst Perth’s economy is dominated by the mining industry, which includes huge gas and mineral resources of all types.  Both cities are currently undergoing an economic boom with rapid growth resulting in urban sprawl which puts pressure on local infrastructure.

Calgary is 5th on The Economist magazine’s Most Livable Cities Index for 2011, which Perth is 8th.

The first documented settler in Calgary was a man called John Glenn.  When the American astronaut John Glenn made the world’s first human orbit of the Earth in 1962 he put Perth on the map when he named it the “city of light” because it was the most noticeable thing he saw after traversing the Indian Ocean.

Calgary and Perth do not have a sister city relationship – perhaps they should?

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