Amazonian Golf Course Iquitos Peru

Iquitos in Peru is home to one of the world’s most remote golf courses.  Iquitos is located on the Amazon River, east of the Andes mountain range, and is the largest city in the world to be reachable only by boat or plane.

Golf is a rarely played sport in Peru, but still they’ve managed to carve a golf course out of the Amazonian jungle.

The Amazon Golf Course is a difficult nine hole adventure with a par 5. It’s not so much birdies and eagles; more like boas in the rough, caiman sunning in the sand traps, piranhas lurking in the water holes.  It is the only course in the world where golfers are issued a machete to carry in their golf bag. Please, avoid the anaconda.  Yes, it can be a bit of a challenge for the average player.

Even getting to the course can be difficult as its 30 minutes from Iquitos on an unmarked dirt road.  In fact, their directions tell you to take the fourth sand road on the right after the gas station.

So far the golf course doesn’t have a clubhouse, but one advantage is that you can generally get a game whenever you want to play it.  The course had eight golfers play in June, all tourists. A special offer of three rounds of golf free to Peruvians under age 25 has yet to entice anyone.

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