Angaston Jewel of the Barossa Valley

AngastonStreetLocated just over one hour north of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia is the Barossa Valley which is without doubt Australia’s most highly regarded wine growing area.

An incredibly pretty place that is comprised of low, rolling, vine-covered hills, and small, attractive towns, the Barossa has a lot to see within is relatively, by Australian standards that is, area. What there is to see is so fascinating that the Barossa is worthy of a generous visit.

There are some very attractive historic towns in the Valley but, without doubt, the town in which I felt most at home was Angaston. It is more of a village really, that is so brilliantly set amid the hills in a small valley which makes it feel so comfortable.

As one of South Australia’s oldest towns, it was first established in 1842. Angaston has a long history for being a rich agricultural area, where cattle, sheep and grapes have flourished.

These days, the buildings in the town are well preserved, with many being lovingly restored or renovated with full respect for their long heritage. Some of the big name wineries, such as Saltram and Yalumba, still operate in the town. The main street, Murray Street, eases its way down a slope to a park, and is full of some wonderfully interesting shops which are full of extensive wares that will keep you browsing for hours.

At the top of Murray Street is the Angas Park Fruit Company, where you can stock up on all sorts of fruit and nut products. Near the bottom of Murray Street is the Barossa Valley Cheese Company, where renowned cheesemaker Victoria McClurg produces rich and tasty hard and soft cheeses which are all hand made. Her shop has a colourful, welcoming feel and you are more than welcome to try her products before you buy.

A stroll along Murray Street reveals many other interesting places in which to tempt the tongue. Next door to Victoria is casacarboni, and Italian cooking school and restaurant where the emphasis is on cooking hand-made pastas topped with the freshest of ingredients. Other favourites include Two Fat Indians, which turn out fabulous curries, Angaston Roaring 40s, Vintners Bar and Grill and Viva, which is without a doubt the most contemporary and attractive florist that I have visited.

That is the true beauty of Angaston, it is a town in which traders are not afraid to inhabit heritage shops, yet also preserve that historic look whilst marrying it with a very modern and sophisticated ambience.

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