Art for the Heart in Margaret River

Combine great wines with brilliant locally-produced cuisine, luxurious retreats, breathtaking landscapes and some of the largest surfable waves in the world and you have the Margaret River region in the south west of Western Australia summed up in a nutshell.

Margaret River is, by any standard, one of the best places to visit in the world. Whilst it is well known for its wine, food and waves, the region is also home to some of Australia’s best artisans, a group of over fifty professional artists who are so inspired by their surroundings in such a special place they create works that are elegant, eye catching and simply sublime.

`There are thirty workshops and galleries, all of which are spread in an arc from Dunsborough to Margaret River, that are open to the public and where, in many instances, you can actually watch the crafts people as they work.

The range of creations is immense, and will suit any interest, and any budget.

From traditional Aboriginal paintings, to pottery, sculptures, wrought iron works, exquisite jewellery, photography, woodwork, glassware and furniture the creativity that is on display shows an astounding breadth of ideas and skills.

Typical of the artisans’ studios is Payet Design, which occupies a magnificent purpose-built gallery just a few minutes’ drive from Margaret River Township. I visited the gallery, which is virtually next door to Redgate Winery, because I was so taken with the building, which is perched on a tor that is almost hidden by bushland and which belies the great views you enjoy from its location on the crest of a hill.

The gallery features the work of jewellers Francois and Nicholas Payet, who have settled in Margaret River after being born in the Seychelles then living in Melbourne for a time.

According to Francois, who designs the jewellery, the location of the gallery, embedded as it is in natural bushland, gives him inspiration for his designs. He says that the textures and organic shapes which surround him gently work their way into his designs.

The showroom is uncluttered, yet sophisticated, with a great shaft of natural light which emanates from a tall sliver of a window brightening the gallery to truly showcase the original jewellery on display.

The Payets are also inspired by family, and have including a small sculpture park adjacent to the gallery that has been designed to allow children to play amid the building’s wonderful setting.

The joy of experiencing skilfully created original arts and crafts is just one more excellent reason for visiting the fabulous Margaret River region of Western Australia.

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