Atlanta from Olympics to oblivion

In 1996 Atlanta, Georgia was booming.  The Olympic Games were in full swing in the city, the eyes of the world focuses on the Games and tourism was at an all time high.

Since then, the world has faced the Global Financial Crisis and many Americans have been hit hard by the downturn in the economy.  Because of the financial crisis leisure travel is down and business travel is very flat in America.

In America the Traveler Sentiment Index (TM) surveys people to judge their future travel intentions.  The latest survey shows that the immediate future looks quite bleak for domestic travel in the USA both for leisure and for business.

That downturn in travel has manifested itself in Atlanta, where hotels have been forced to drop prices in order to attract clientele.  Unfortunately, business has been so bad that three hotels are scheduled to close.

One of these is the 502-room Marriott Renaissance, a five star hotel that has shut its doors and laid off staff simply because the supply of rooms in Atlanta has greatly outstripped demand, affecting the viability of otherwise successful brands.

Although the future of the Marriott Renaissance is uncertain two other hotels, the Wyndham Garden Hotel and the Baymont Inn and Suites will also shut.  The future of these two hotels is more certain as they have been purchases by Georgia State University and will be turned into student dorms.

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