Barrington is Tops

The Great Dividing Range runs down the whole eastern edge of Australia.  It’s a series of mountain ranges, some of which are utterly spectacular. Just three hours by road north of Sydney is Barrington Tops National Park.  This National Park is one section of the Great Dividing Range which is certainly worth a visit.

Barrington Tops is a sub-tropical rainforest, and is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. Gondwana was one of the two supercontinents that were formed during the Mesozoic Era about 200 million years ago.  The Gondwana Rainforests are so named because fossil records indicate that similar rainforests existed during the time of Gondwana.

Barrington Tops is now a World Heritage Area and a Wilderness Area, meaning that much of it is preserved.  It is also a Wild Rivers area, indicating that the rivers here are exceptionally pure and unpolluted.

Covering more than 95,000 hectares of unspoilt wilderness, this is a must-see destination with an almost mystical reputation.  One magnificent natural attraction is the 2,000 year-old Antarctic beech forest near Gloucester Tops this, and other parts of Barrington Tops, are easily accessible via a number of very scenic drives.

Because of its location in the Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s best wine regions and accessibility from the cities of Sydney and Newcastle, Barrington Tops is a popular retreat.

There are many facilities which help draw people to Barrington Tops.  Accommodation ranges from 4 ½ star and eco-resorts to basic cabins, bed and breakfasts, caravans and camping.   Weekends and school holidays are the most popular times to visit the area, so a mid-week break outside of school holidays can enhance your chances of enjoying the serenity without the crowds.

Adventure seekers can enjoy The Tops by foot, horseback, mountain bike, trail bike, motor cross or 4WD and many people opt to explore the Tops by foot, using the multitude of trails which traverse the forests.

Various events are held in the region at all times of the year, including: Rodeos, campdrafts, cultural events like the Gloucester Shakespeare on Avon Festival, sporting events such as the Mountain Man Tri Challenge, plus country music camps, swimming carnivals, skydiving, tennis tournaments and canoeing championships.

Barrington Tops changes its face with every season, from the heat of summer to the light snow falls of winter, the Barrington Tops can be visited for a unique experience at any time of the year.

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