Beaching about Algarve

Algarve, on the southern tip of Portugal, has over 200 kilometres of clean, safe beaches to entice visitors to its shores.

Situated on the Atlantic Coast, Algarve is blessed with a warm climate and a laidback lifestyle.  One of the benefits offered by Algarve is choice – spread over that 200 kilometres is over 100 beaches, so you can choose a beach to suit your preferences, from a party beach where the crowds gather to somewhere far more secluded where you can just escape from it all.

Describes as being Europe’s sunniest spot, where the finest beaches and weather on the continent meet traditional, historic Portugal.  Algarve does indeed preserve much of its traditions, which hark back to about 1,000 BC when the Phoenicians established trading ports.

Most visitors arrive by plane, through the airport at Faro.  Faro has a reputation for being fun city for much of the year. Visitors who use it as a base to explore the more remote areas of the Algarve in the off-season will experience much more of what southern Portugal has to offer.  July and August can get really busy of tourists from Britain and Northern Europe invade Algarve.  Fortunately the locals have a reputation for being really friendly and extending their welcome to the hordes who rush in.  

There is a macabre attraction in Faro too.  For a touch of the bizarre visit the Capela dos Ossos in the Igreja do Carmo church. This is a chapel decorated with the skeletal remains of over 1,200 former monks.

Other attractions, apart from the beaches, include Lagos, which is the old inner city inside the remnants of a protective wall. You’ll find winding streets barely wide enough for small cars, quaint shops and wonderful restaurants.  Also, try to include a visit to Silves the red stone castle. The road there is narrow and twisting as it winds its way through some lovely rural areas, but certainly worth the effort to get there.

As for food?  Well, Algarve is home to Piri Piri Chicken that spicy dish that has become popular all over the world.

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