Beat the budget airlines luggage restrictions

The budget airlines have been trying for some time now to grab extra bucks from their passengers.  One of the ways in which they’ve been achieving this is by charging passengers for taking luggage away with them.

Now, most travellers are probably of the belief that luggage is a necessary item when travelling.  Not only does a person usually need to carry several changes of clothes when going away for a week or two, there’s always the toiletries, shoes, medicines, headwear, swimwear and even rainwear, depending on the destination.

These budget airlines charge you for luggage because they know that it is more expensive to travel light, and purchase clothes at the destination, and even if you do that (my son goes to Bali and buys it all on a daily basis up there), you still need luggage to bring the purchases home – so the airlines know that they’ve got you.

This luggage payment can add a significant cost to your fare, simply because you pay the fee per leg, so if you’ve got to change planes to get to your final destination, which isn’t all that uncommon, you end up paying double what you really should.

The good news is that there may be a way to foil the budget carriers and their insidious luggage fees!

Scottvest is an American manufacturer of garments, many of which are specially designed with the traveller in mind.   According to Scott Jordan, CEO and Founder of Scottvest, he invented the pro

duct because he needed a place to keep all of his electronic gear and other stuff whilst travelling, but disliked the thought of carrying a “man purse”, which used to be trendy a decade or so ago.

So, Scott invented a type of jacket that had a multitude of pockets for carrying stuff around in.  His jackets are the clothing equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife.

One of these is called the Quantum, it has 28 pockets and includes their patented TravelSmartSystem which has a Personal Area Network so that you can connect many of your electronic devices inside the jacket, offering you remarkable security.

What I like about the jacket is not only is it virtually pick-pocket proof, it is also waterproof, winter proof, is ventilated so that it breaths and its machine washable.  But, to me, the really big selling point is that some of the pockets are so big you can carry your toiletries, plus some clothes and a change of shoes, inside the jacket; thus beating those budget airlines with their tricky luggage charges at their own game.  Obviously, you don’t carry sharp objects in the jacket as they will be confiscated when you go through security.  However, when you do go through security, you simply remove the jacket and put it onto the conveyor belt to be x-rayed, and everything will be sweet.

In case you’re thinking that the Scottvest would be too bulky and weigh too much, it even has its own weight management system to make it easier for you, and is well tailored so that the jacket doesn’t appear to be too bulky.

Scottvest has a range of clothing which can be bought online from their website.

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