Befuddled couple find the wrong Sydney

I came across this story about an Italian couple who had planned their once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia, only to end up in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Apparently, their travel agent made a slight mistake with their air booking, and probably got confused about the airport codes.  The code for Sydney, Australia is SYD, whilst the code for Sydney, Nova Scotia is YQY, so it’s easy to understand why you could mistake them both – after all there is a Y in both.  Personally, I would have been concerned earlier if I boarded a flight for Toronto (airport code YYZ – see another Y to confuse them!), when I thought I was heading towards Sydney, Australia.  I don’t wish to be pedantic, but there is a significant distance between the two.

Anyway, the Italian couple were looked after by the good folk of Sydney, Nova Scotia.  They were given a lobster dinner and a room for the night, before continuing on their journey to the other Sydney.

Sydney, Nova Scotia is situated on Cape Breton Island and it also has a harbour called, not surprisingly, Sydney Harbour. It is just three years older than Sydney, Australia, and the fact that both places are almost the same age may explain several similarities in that there is a North Sydney on Cape Breton island, which shares its name with a suburb of Sydney, Australia, and there is a Port Hawkesbury near Sydney, Nova Scotia, while Sydney, Australia has a Hawkesbury River.

And both Sydneys have a major construction to the music arts located on their waterfronts.  Sydney, Australia has a little known building called The Sydney Opera House jutting out into Sydney Harbour, whilst Sydney, Nova Scotia proudly displays a giant sculpture which it boasts to be the world’s largest Ceilidh Fiddle right there for all to see.

Perhaps that Italian couple really did enjoy a bit of Dolce Vita after all.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Distance between the two Sydneys

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