Bendigo Tram Museum

Bendigo is a city in central Victoria that is 131 kms (82 miles) from Melbourne.  It is an attractive city with many historical buildings that hark back to the 1850s when Bendigo was one of the centres of the Victorian Gold Rush.

Bendigo also has a tram service and the tram terminus also doubles as a tram museum.

The trams were first established in Bendigo in 1903, and these days visitors can do a `talking tram’ tour.  This tour runs every day except Christmas Day and starts its run from the Central Deborah Gold Mine which, these days, is a tourist precinct, and finishes at the Old Chinese Joss House in North Bendigo.  As you would expect on a talking tram, you get an audio commentary as you proceed along the tour.

The talking tram stops at the tram museum to give passengers adequate time to investigate the history of the Bendigo trams.

Here, you will find restored trams from all eras.  The first trams were battery operated, but these were quickly replaced by steam trams, as they were more efficient. In 1934 the tramway was converted to electricity, and electric trams have plied the route ever since.        

Price for a ticket on the talking tram is $15 for adults, and cheaper for pensioners and children.  It is a great way to not only experience a novel form of transport, but to also enjoy this magnificent historical city.

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