Bermuda shorts – quick facts about Bermuda

Many people think that Bermuda is part of the Caribbean, well, it’s not.  In fact, Bermuda lies a few hundred kilometres north of the Caribbean in the Atlantic Ocean near the Sargasso Sea East of North Carolina, so it is relatively easy to reach from the east coast of America.

Bermuda is a British territory so they drive on the left hand side of the road, as they do in Britain. It currency, the Bermuda Dollar is pegged to the US Dollar.  In fact, per head of population, Bermuda is one of the world’s wealthiest countries, thanks to its generous tax rate, which makes it a financial centre, and the popularity of tourism, which employs a lot of locals.

Bermuda is sub-tropical, and its climate is considered to be very comfortable.  In fact, it is so comfortable, the country gave its name to a piece of summery garb called Bermuda shorts. Although the climate is generally good, it is not perfect, and Bermuda often gets hit by hurricanes.

Although Bermuda consist of 181 island, the total land accounts for just 53.3 square kilometres (20.6 square miles), and it has a permanent population of about 67,000.

The country also gives its name to the Bermuda Triangle, an area that some people believe is prone to the mysterious disappearances of planes and boats.  The name The Bermuda Triangle is something of a misnomer as most of the disappearances have occurred closer to the Bahamas and Florida, and even then, most of the disappearances can be explained quite easily, or were misreported in the first place.

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