Bill Weir, Long Distance Cyclist and Guide Book Writer

I love adventurers, those people who have the will to give up the comforts of civilisation and just go off and do something extraordinary.

In my thirst for travel related information and knowledge I subscribe to many RSS feeds and some region-specific newsletters.  In one of these I saw an email from Bill Weir who has a passion for long distance cycling through remote, and not-so-remote, regions of the world.

I reckon that Bill must be a special kind of person for having the tenacity and the courage to go out and do his own thing.  Anyway, the reason for Bill’s email was to answer a question about visiting a remote part of China that is just on the edge of Tibet.  To give you an idea of how adventurous Bill is, is one of his blogs he talks about how he met two Australians who were the first westerners he’d seen in six weeks of travel.   You can read that blog here and also follow his travels on the website crazy guy on a bike which features blogs from many other long distance cyclists too.  I’m not really into cycling, simply because I look shocking in lycra (in fact, I look like a sumo-version of the Michelin Man) and those narrow seats don’t really accommodate my wide bum too well.

But back to Bill!  Bill also writes guide books, and specialises in Arizona, so check out his own personal website, and if you are thinking about going to Arizona, you can buy Bill’s book online.

According to Bill’s website, he’s on the bike again and somewhere in South East Asia – go for it Bill!

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