Breakfast on Oahu

lcmcLauren Rolland is a resident of Hawaii and a writer for Hawaii Travel Aloha.  Here are some of her suggestions for indulging in a great breakfast whilst visiting Oaku in Hawaii.

Good Oahu Breakfasts

For anyone vacationing on the North Shore, there is a conveniently located cozy café in the heart of historic Haleiwa. Known as Haleiwa Café, this restaurant is open daily from 7:00am till 2:00pm.

Since it’s one of the only breakfast nooks on the North Shore, it can become quite crowded on weekends, but thankfully this café runs both an indoor and outdoor seating section. While the indoor area has the café appeal, the outdoor area is pleasant as well with a garden backdrop and eclectic decor. You can never go wrong with a café that offers unlimited coffee refills, especially when the brew is good and strong.

Breakfast in Honolulu

Another great place is Morning Glass in the Manoa Valley of Honolulu. This quaint café/coffee shop has the feel of a San Francisco or Seattle style morning eatery, with their large chalkboards, espresso art and friendly yet ‘we-mean-business’ service. Open every day from 7:00am or 7:30am till 1:00pm or 4:00pm this small spot cranks out the meals. With excellent espresso and eggs served in personal cast iron skillets, you can’t go wrong at this charming open-air café nestled in the lush town of Manoa.

For those of you staying in town, or Honolulu area, you should try this place at least once during your vacation. Wailana Coffee House is basically like the Hawaiian Denny’s.  While Wailana is not a chain, it does have the ambiance and charm of a large diner, meaning plush booth seating, free coffee refills, classic waitresses and all the wonderful comfort breakfast options you could ask for.

What makes Wailana so unique however is you can order local Hawaii style breakfasts too. If you’ve been dying to try a loco moco, spam musubi or coconut pancakes this is the place. Plus, they’re open 24 hours every day.

Over on Oahu’s East Side there is a unique spot called Cinnamon’s and it has quite possibly the most extensive variety of breakfast around. If you love dishes like French toast, pancakes and waffles then this place is the jackpot. Known for their red velvet pancakes, Cinnamon’s is touted as having the best pancakes on the island, served up with tropical syrups and even a signature guava chiffon goodness to top it off.

Open everyday from 7:00am till 2:00pm, this café has a cozy, home style cooking ambiance. In the heart of Kailua, Cinnamon’s is the best bet for breakfast on Oahu’s east side.

Another great place is Moena Café, which is located in Hawaii Kai just outside of Honolulu. A cute little breakfast place serving up local flavours with local ingredients, Moena is somewhat of a hidden gem in the affluent neighbourhood of Hawaii Kai.

This restaurant has all the classic breakfast items and also local favourites, and tosses things up with specialty items like crepes, acai bowls and paninis. Plus, with the full array of espresso options, Moena Café is the complete breakfast place for food, ambiance and service. Cute and clean, this indoor café fills up fast on weekends and is open daily from 6:30am till 3:00pm.

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