British Airways Adopts New Technology

British Airways’ had begun an operation at Gatwick Airport which is leading the way in new technology in the world of aviation.

From now on customers will be able to do more for themselves, from checking-in and choosing seats to printing their own bag tags, to make their experience quicker and easier.

According a British Airways spokesperson the new technology now in use at Gatwick, will give customers more control.

British Airways’ drive for technological development was recently recognised by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) who awarded the airline a Gold Award in its Fast Travel Initiative. This top technology award recognises airlines that are introducing automated and self service capabilities to simplify and speed up services for customers. British Airways is only the second airline in the world to be given this award.

From the British Airways point of view the idea behind the multi-million pound investment in gleaming new hardware and sophisticated software is to make each and every customer feel like an individual. Although, getting passengers to look after their own seating and check-in also saves on staff costs, and will certainly cut down on complaints about service, if there is none.

The core aim of making travel easier and quicker for customers is behind many British Airways technology initiatives.

Along with other airlines, British Airways cabin crew are currently trialling iPad 2s to bring a new dimension to customer service in the air.

The iPads enable cabin crew to quickly access important customer information such as their travel preferences, onward connections, and previous and future travel arrangements on British Airways, allowing them to offer a truly bespoke, personalised service.

Ipads will be extended to ground staff, with Gatwick as the launch airport on the British Airways network, so that they too can offer a more tailored and intuitive service to customers.

Checking in via and personal mobile devices has become very popular with customers and offers more functionality than ever before, allowing customers to make changes and rebook flights online, wherever they are in the world.

The airline is also launching a new feature for iPhone users, giving them the ability to book flights on their phones.

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