Buggying around Bermuda

The Talbot Brothers, a calypso band from Bermuda, once had a minor hit with a song called “Bermuda Buggy Ride”, which was a musical celebration of the real thing.

The horse and buggies have survived for the last sixty years as a novelty ride for tourists. Under large trees, on the main shopping thoroughfare, Front Street, they wait for the tourists to disembark from the cruise ships.

The buggies are living antiques. The drivers dressed in their white shirts and ties take tourists on a half hour tour of Hamilton. They clip clop through the city at a leisurely place. People smile when they see these charming vehicles from another time. The big white buggy’s can easily hold a whole family. The buggies hark back to a time before cars were allowed to ply the roads of Hamilton, capital of Bermuda.

In fact, cars weren’t allowed on Bermudan roads until 1948, so the buggies were the main form of transport for a very long time.  Even American writer Mark Twain was enamoured by the buggies, and if he were to go back to Bermuda today he would notice that the buggies aren’t much different

It seems that Bermuda likes to keep its traditions, even though the traffic these days in quite heavy.  There have been several incidents during which the horses have been spooked by cars, but seeing Hamilton by buggy is still an enjoyable way to see the west side of town.

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