Bustle into Busselton

The South West of Western Australia is a very popular holiday spot for the residents of Perth, the Capital of that state, and also interstate and international visitors.

One of the reasons for its popularity is that the regions has some magnificent beaches, an almost perfect climate, fabulous wineries, some great surf breaks and great dive spots.

In short, the South West has almost too much going for it although, thankfully, one thing it doesn’t have is huge crowds, so that even during the busiest holiday periods, you can still find a bit of beach all to yourself.

One of the main south west towns is Busselton, which is located 220km south of Perth, and which was one of the first places to be settled following the British occupation of Western Australia.

Busselton is a very pleasant town. It’s a regional centre so there are plenty of public amenities and facilities.  There are some important historical buildings in the town too, most of which have been turned into museums, art galleries and cafes.  

The town is probably best known for its jetty which at 2km in length is the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere.  Having been severely damaged by fire in 1999 the jetty is under re-construction and work is almost finished.

There is a train that takes visitors almost to the end of the jetty, where there is an underwater observatory that is eight metres deep, and allows great views of the marine life and corals.

As you would expect from a popular vacation town, Busselton has a very laid back, casual atmosphere.  There is plenty of accommodation available from camp sites, right through to 5-star resort accommodation, and there is no doubt that the main attraction is Geographe Bay, and the beaches that run the length of it.

Busselton is good at all times of the year.  Summer temperatures tend to be a little cooler than Perth, but it is still warm and more comfortable than the 40 plus degree heat you can get in Perth.  Winter temperatures are warmer than in Perth, making it a good spot at any time of the year.

The town is close to the Margaret River vineyards, the popular tourist town of Dunsborough, the popular surf beaches around Yallingup, and the tall forested areas of Nannup and Pemberton are within easy reach.

Busselton has a good Tourist Information Centre where you can get good maps of the area and information about tours and activities.  Thanks to the new Forrest Highway, Busselton is now just over two hours easy driving time from Perth, making it more accessible than ever before.

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