Visiting ghosts in Prague

The most intriguing part of the museum is the underground street of spirits . . . → Read More: Visiting ghosts in Prague

Discovering Glenfiddich Distillery

There is an on-site restaurant, The Malt Barn, a gift shop and free parking for cars and coaches . . . → Read More: Discovering Glenfiddich Distillery

Corinth Canal quick facts

Corinth Canal

It is only 24 metres wide and too narrow for most modern ships . . . → Read More: Corinth Canal quick facts

Gander at Guernsey

St Peter Port has long been a popular trading centre, even dating back to well before the Romans arrived . . . → Read More: Gander at Guernsey

Marking Time in Ephesus

At one stage it was the second largest city in the Roman Empire . . . → Read More: Marking Time in Ephesus