Geneva Switzerland

It shoots water an amazing 140 metres into the sky . . . → Read More: Geneva Switzerland

Zurich Switzerland’s largest city

Despite it having a reputation for being a rather staid and conservative banking city, Zurich does have quite an active nightlife with many clubs and bars operating . . . → Read More: Zurich Switzerland’s largest city

New World’s longest tunnel in Switzerland

The Gotthard Base Tunnel has now become the world’s longest railway tunnel . . . → Read More: New World’s longest tunnel in Switzerland

Zurich on the Cheap

Undertake unlimited second-class travel by tram, bus, rail, boat and cable car throughout the city . . . → Read More: Zurich on the Cheap

Albula Railway Switzerland

Stunning engineering structures include a series of spiral tunnels and a couple of curved tunnels and viaducts . . . → Read More: Albula Railway Switzerland