Incredible Islands – Easter Island

The main attraction is to view the Moai and the Rano Raraku Quarry in which they were carved . . . → Read More: Incredible Islands – Easter Island

Easter in Quito

The climactic procession of Jesus Almighty begins at San Francisco, a spectacular pilgrimage that draws thousands of spectators to the Historic Centre to witness the Passion of Christ . . . → Read More: Easter in Quito

Honeymoon South America

Why spend your honeymoon on the beach when you could be stargazing in the world’s premier astronomical destination? . . . → Read More: Honeymoon South America

Incredible Islands – South Georgia

During the 19th century the island became a base for seal hunters, and then a successful whaling base . . . → Read More: Incredible Islands – South Georgia

Peru former land of the ancients in South America

Once the centre of the Incan civilization, and there is evidence of human occupation going back at least 12,000 years . . . → Read More: Peru former land of the ancients in South America