Weird Rituals – The Passover Telephone

During the other 51 weeks of the year, the Passover Telephone is kept well-wrapped . . . → Read More: Weird Rituals – The Passover Telephone

Banaue Rice Terraces Philippines

Their solution was to carve terraces into the sides of the mountains and to create an elaborate system of water channels . . . → Read More: Banaue Rice Terraces Philippines

Al-Hasa Saudi Arabia

It is an extraordinary oasis which extends for about 20,000 hectares and gives nourishment to over three million palm trees . . . → Read More: Al-Hasa Saudi Arabia

The Heart of Seoul South Korea

Seoul is a very modern place, but one which respects its traditions . . . → Read More: The Heart of Seoul South Korea

Thai Trooping of the Colour

It was a hot and humid afternoon when I attended the Thai trooping of the colour. We had to arrive several hours early, well before the official guests were due to arrive, and we ushered onto a tiered stand that was covered by a large marquee. The lack of air under the marquee only made the heat and humidity worse, so it was a very uncomfortable wait. We were also expected to wear our finery, so suits, or uniforms, for the men, and elegant dress for the women was de rigeur. As we waited for the official ceremony to commence fleets of flagged limousines would roll up to disgorge the official dignitaries, and we did have some fun trying to work out which countries were represented by trying to distinguish their flags. . . . → Read More: Thai Trooping of the Colour