Japan fast facts

The Capital of Japan is Tokyo, and the population of Greater Tokyo is considered to be the largest in the world, consisting of 35 million people. . . . → Read More: Japan fast facts

Great Island Retreats

What the island lacks in sand, it more than makes up for in seclusion and serenity. . . . → Read More: Great Island Retreats

Nishiki Market Kyoto

The Nishiki Market runs along a covered laneway for five city blocks, and each side of the laneway is filled with narrow shops which are filled with an unbelievable range of food stuffs, most of which are locally grown and prepared on the premises. At some shops, the food simply looks too good to eat. You get the feeling that if you remove an item for purchase, you will be disturbing an artist’s work. . . . → Read More: Nishiki Market Kyoto

Tokyo for free

At the 11-story Sony Building you can fiddle with high-tech gizmos that won’t be on sale in Britain for at least a year . . . → Read More: Tokyo for free

Toden Arakawa Tramway Tokyo

The tramway actually runs through the northern and eastern suburbs of Tokyo . . . → Read More: Toden Arakawa Tramway Tokyo