Banaue Rice Terraces Philippines

Their solution was to carve terraces into the sides of the mountains and to create an elaborate system of water channels . . . → Read More: Banaue Rice Terraces Philippines

Iloilo Philippines

The Spaniards built Fort San Pedro as protection against pirates and English and Dutch forces . . . → Read More: Iloilo Philippines

Philippines Island of Cebu

Cebu City is a commercial and industrial centre . . . → Read More: Philippines Island of Cebu

Boracay Philippines

With sand that really lives up to its name, White Beach has been named by a number of travel publications as one of the best beach resort areas in the world . . . → Read More: Boracay Philippines

Perfect Palawan in The Philippines

Palawan is The Philippines’ premier scuba diving destination simply because this is where 35 percent of the country’s coral reefs are found . . . → Read More: Perfect Palawan in The Philippines