Borobudur Temple Indonesia

Borobudur’s design is in Gupta architecture which reflects India’s influence on the region . . . → Read More: Borobudur Temple Indonesia

Yogyakarta Love Beach

Believers of this tradition will usually make an annual pilgrimage to the Love Stone to make offerings and conduct ceremonies . . . → Read More: Yogyakarta Love Beach

Travel Tips for Jakarta Indonesia

Depending on what time you arrive in Jakarta, you journey into the city will be either reasonably pleasant or, if you arrive during peak hour, be prepared to endure a couple of hours of traffic jam. . . . → Read More: Travel Tips for Jakarta Indonesia

Taxi Tips for Jakarta, Indonesia

There should be a taxi I.D on the dashboard, which contains the taxi’s I.D and the driver’s I.D, complete with the picture. Match the picture with the driver. IF they don’t match get out. . . . → Read More: Taxi Tips for Jakarta, Indonesia

Fascinating Indonesia

The beaches and the culture are the two main reasons why people visit Indonesia. . . . → Read More: Fascinating Indonesia