Cruising the Mekong River in luxury

The luxury is important, but it is the cruise itself that will always remain in the memory . . . → Read More: Cruising the Mekong River in luxury

Hoi An Old Town

The small city of Hoi An is located about half way along the coast of Vietnam. Formerly a major port, Hoi An is now attracting many tourists who go there to soak up the town’s wonderful vibes; indulge in some reasonably priced shopping; ; laze away on the nearby magnificent beaches and to savour the local delicacies at Hoi An’s many restaurants, cafes and street stalls. . . . → Read More: Hoi An Old Town

Son My Memorial Vietnam

The Son My Memorial may not mean much to most people, but if you were alive when the Vietnamese War was taking place, then you would have heard about the My Lai Massacre which was carried out there on 16 March, 1968. Son My was a village that contained My Lai and three other hamlets. The memorial is about a two hour drive south of Hoi An on Vietnam’s central coast. . . . → Read More: Son My Memorial Vietnam

Son Doong Cave Vietnam

Son Doong cave is more than 200 metres wide, 150 metres high, and approximately 9 kilometres long . . . → Read More: Son Doong Cave Vietnam

Hue Vietnam

It was Vietnam’s capital during Nguyen Dynasty . . . → Read More: Hue Vietnam