Check out your resort online before you book

When planning that all important trip you sometimes take a chance on the accommodation that you book because brochures don’t always tell the truth about a particular property. Your excitement can dim when you arrive at your resort, only to find that it’s not all that the brochure promised.

There is now a new online service which can help to alleviate the unknown.  Called Resort Interviews, it is a video-based website which interviews resort guests, then posts their responses online.

It’s one thing to believe all the promotional guff, but another to see and hear the comments of real guests as they talk about their experiences in these online video resort reviews.

The idea for Resort Interviews was born out of frustration by Dr. Bruce Alexander, one of the directors of the company behind Resort Interviews.  A couple of years ago, he was planning a trip to Fiji .  He spent hours searching the internet, but couldn’t quite find independent information about the resorts he was interested in.  Now he has created a website where you can go and watch videos of resort guests giving their opinion of the resort at which they stayed.

Another benefit of the site is that you can see the resorts in a real video, just as they are, without image manipulation or the gloss that comes with promotional material.

Resort Interviews is still in its early stages of development, after all it is a big world out there, with tens of thousands of resorts to be catalogued, but the site signals the future of choosing travel, where you can virtually try before you buy.

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